Early Assessment Program (EAP) English and Math Assessments

California’s Early Assessment Program (EAP) consists of three parts: college readiness testing in 11th grade, academic preparation in 12th grade, and teacher professional development. EAP’s standardized math and English assessments measure high school juniors’ readiness for college-level work at California State University (CSU) campuses. Based on these assessments, EAP classifies students into four levels: 1) standard not met, 2) standard nearly met, 3) standard met, and 4) standard exceeded. Students taking EAP assessments receive information about their college readiness. If they are deemed unprepared for college, they can enroll in remedial courses in 12th grade and participate in the Early Start preparation program in the summer before enrolling in CSU or participating community colleges. The EAP assessments are administered as part of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) tests in the spring semester of 11th grade.

Year developed: 2004.


11th Grade

Administration Information

15 multiple choice questions in math, 15 multiple choice questions in English and an essay

Access and Use


Free to all public school 11 grade students in California


California’s High School Innovations and Initiatives Office, HSIIO@cde.ca.gov, 916-319-0893

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