Perceptions, Expectations, Emotions, and Knowledge about College (PEEK)

Perceptions, Expectations, Emotions, and Knowledge about College (PEEK) is a diagnostic instrument focused on student ideas, attitudes, beliefs, and expectations of college. PEEK’s 30 items use a 5-point rating scale (from “not at all likely” to “extremely likely”) to assess students’ academic, personal, and social expectations. Such measurement could potentially assist students in forming more precise perceptions of their college surroundings and potentially prevent disengagement and dropout from college. 

Year developed: 1995.


12th Grade,
Post secondary

Administration Information

30 items

Access and Use


$4.50 each, 200+ $4.00 each

2,000 PEEK’s - Annual Site License $6,000 ($3.00 each)

5,000 PEEK’s - Annual Site License $12,500 ($2.50 each)

There is a $4.50 Account Set-Up/Update Fee per order

Open Access
Use in Research

Farrell, T. L. (2009). The early college high school and student self-perceptions of college readiness. (Doctoral dissertation, University of Houston-Clear Lake). 

Fleck, P. J. (2000). Expectations, academic performance, and retention of undergraduate engineering students. (Doctoral dissertation, Kent State University). 

Shoefstall, S. W. (2007). Student perceptions of college expectations with regard to first generation status, gender, and ethnicity. (Doctoral dissertation, Lamar University-Beaumont).


Psychometric References

Weinstein, C, Palmer, D., & Hanson, G. (1995). PEEK user's manual: For those administering the PEEK, perceptions, expectations, emotions, and knowledge about college. H & H Publishing.

Psychometric Considerations

Psychometrics is the science of psychological assessment. A primary goal of EdInstruments is to provide information on crucial psychometric topics including Validity and Reliability – essential concepts of evaluation, which indicate how well an instrument measures a construct - as well as additional properties that are worthy of consideration when selecting an instrument of measurement.

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