College Readiness Scale (CRS)

The College Readiness Scale (CRS) was designed to measure college readiness for teenagers with ADHD. It is a self-report measure focusing on behaviors related to college readiness (Maitland & Quinn, 2011). The 43-item scale has three subscales:

  1. Self-determination, including self-knowledge, communication skills, and self-management (15 items).
  2. Daily living skills, including self-care, organization, and time management (13 items).
  3. Academic skills, including self-knowledge, study skills, and time management for academic tasks (15 items).

The Likert-scale items range from 0 “never/not at all” to 4 “very often/very true.” The internal reliability of the CRS is .95. 



9th Grade,
10th Grade,
11th Grade,
12th Grade

Administration Information

43 items

Access and Use


Free (can be obtained from the book by Maitland & Quinn, 2011, see Psychometric Resources below).

Use in Research

Canu, W. H., Stevens, A. E., Ranson, L., Lefler, E. K., LaCount, P., Serrano, J. W., ... & Hartung, C. M. (2021). College readiness: Differences between first-year undergraduates with and without ADHD. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 54(6), 403-411. 


Psychometric References

Maitland, T. L., & Quinn, P. O. (2011). Ready for take-off: Preparing your teen with ADHD or LD for college. Magination Press. 

Psychometric Considerations

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