The Social Connectedness Scale

The Social Connectedness Scale includes 8 items and measures students' sense of connectedness, affiliation, and companionship to provide a broad picture of belongingness. The authors have an accompanying Social Assurance scale (which measures students' sense of companionship and affiliation) often administered in tandem with the Social Connectedness Scale.


Post secondary

Administration Information

8 items

Access and Use

Use in Research

Graham, J., & McClain, S. (2019). A canonical correlational analysis examining the relationship between peer mentorship, belongingness, imposter feelings, and black collegians' academic and psychosocial outcomes. American Educational Research Journal, 56(6), 2333-2367.


Psychometric References

Lee, R. M., & Robbins, S. B. (1995). Measuring belongingness: The Social Connectedness and the Social Assurance Scales. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 42, 232–241

Psychometric Considerations

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