Diagnostic Teacher Assessment in Mathematics and Science (DTAMS): Middle Mathematics Teacher Assessments

Diagnostic Mathematics Assessments for Middle School Teachers are written tests that measure mathematics knowledge in four content domains (Number/Computation, Geometry/Measurement, Probability/Statistics, Algebraic Ideas) and across four types of knowledge (Memorized Knowledge; Conceptual Understanding; Problem Solving/ Reasoning; and Pedagogical Content Knowledge). Researchers, professional development providers, and course instructors can administer the assessments as pre- and post-tests before and after workshops, institutes, or courses to determine growth in teachers' content knowledge. Multiple parallel versions of each assessment are available.


Teacher Knowledge
6th Grade,
7th Grade,
8th Grade

Administration Information

20 items (10 multiple-choice and 10 open-response). Participants usually take between 45-75 minutes to complete the assessment, with the bulk of participants taking about 60 minutes.

Access and Use

Open Access
Use in Research

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Computer scoring,
Manual scoring
Psychometric References

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National Comparison

Psychometric Considerations

Psychometrics is the science of psychological assessment. A primary goal of EdInstruments is to provide information on crucial psychometric topics including Validity and Reliability – essential concepts of evaluation, which indicate how well an instrument measures a construct - as well as additional properties that are worthy of consideration when selecting an instrument of measurement.

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