Friendship Quality Scale

The Friendship Quality Scale is a 23-item questionnaire measuring children’s and young adolescents’ friendship quality. It quantifies their self-reported perceptions of five aspects of their bond with a best friend: companionship, conflict, help/aid, security, and closeness. The scale has 23 items using a 5-point Likert scale from 1 (never) to 5 (always).


Friendship quality
1st Grade,
2nd Grade,
3rd Grade,
4th Grade,
5th Grade,
6th Grade,
7th Grade,
8th Grade,
9th Grade,
10th Grade,
11th Grade,
12th Grade

Administration Information

23 items

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Manual scoring
Psychometric References

Bukowski, W. M., Hoza, B., & Boivin, M. (1994). Measuring friendship quality during pre- and early adolescence: The development and psychometric properties of the Friendship Qualities Scale. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 11(3), 471–484.

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