Student Well-Being

Within the library of instruments, EdInstruments catalogues Student Well-being assessments for users to compare options for use in research and practice. Included in this category are measurement tools representing several subcategories: including Social-Emotional Competence, Mental Health, and Physical Health. The full spectrum of Student Well-being measurement tools will also eventually include Civic Health instruments. 

The Framework

Each of EdInstruments’ four categories contain several “layers” that help to organize the collection of measurement tools housed within each category. The first layer users can explore are the subcategories. An initial period of background research is conducted to understand the landscape of a category, in order to determine which subcategories are essential to include. The next layer within each subcategory are “domains.” Each subcategory has its own respective domains that serve as an additional level of organization within the collection of measurement tools. As users navigate through the instrument list(s), they can narrow and/or expand search parameters using these layers of organization; thus, allowing the personalization of their search for tools based on specified needs. 

Within the Student Well-being category, Social-Emotional Competence, Mental Health, and Physical Health serve as subcategories, while more granular domains (e.g. self awareness within the Social-Emotional competence subcategory, acute health within the Physical Health subcategory and risky behaviors.)